About MAYS & Joining Us


The MAYS network was founded in 2009 by Susann Huschke and Claire Beaudevin. Since mid-2012, it is coordinated by Katerina Vidner Ferkov (University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia) and Dominik Mattes (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) and connects more than 300 B.A. students, M.A. students, PhD candidates and postdocs in Medical Anthropology, mainly from European universities and research institutions.
MAYS works under the umbrella of the European Association of Social Anthropologists and is part of the larger EASA Medical Anthropology Network. In this network's committee, Katerina Vidner Ferkov and Dominik Mattes are students and young scholars representatives.


MAYS uses several online tools:
- a Google Group, which allows for fast dissemination of news, queries and questions among the members;
-> to register as a member of MAYS:  http://tinyurl.com/MAYS-EASA

- a website (this website!), presenting MAYS’ activities, its members’ fieldwork locations, and where relevant news are posted

- an Academia.edu subgroup that allows registered users to know more about MAYS members research activities and interests:  http://lists.academia.edu/MAYS_Medical_Anthropology_Young_Scholars

What for? 

Get in contact with fellow students and colleagues who share your research interests
- Meet other students and young scholars (we have organized 2 workshops and a conference so far in Berlin, Oxford and Warsaw)
- Find out more about other (medical) anthropology programs and research institutions in Europe;
- Ask questions about anthropological literature, concepts, etc.
- Share and receive information on conferences, scholarships and job offerings
- Be part of a growing diverse network of creative, professional and supportive young scholars who share a common interest in medical anthropology


- Get in touch with MAYS coordinators: mays.easa@gmail.com

- Learn more about EASA and its Medical Anthropology network/committee

- Learn more about Academia.edu features.

NB - No membership fees

-> All this info in a nice leaflet!