MAYS activities

MAYS 2012
The 3rd Annual MAYS meeting will be held in Summer 2012. Stay tuned to know more about it!

MAYS Warsaw, June 2011
The 2nd Annual MAYS meeting was held in the University of Warsaw, Poland, on June 13 & 14.
Pics and account coming soon…

MAYS Oxford, July 2010

A MAYS Workshop took place in Oxford University, UK, in July 2010, the day after the international Royal Anthropological Society conference (organized by Prof. Elisabeth Hsu) on medical anthropology in Europe. The student workshop “Shaping our Science. Medical Anthropology, Interdisciplinarity and Public Space” was a collaboration with the Oxford University Anthropological Society. About 40 medical anthropology students from all over Europe participated in the event.

MAYS Berlin, February 2010

The 1st Annual MAYS Meeting was held in the Free University Berlin, Germany, in February 2010. The goal of this workshop was to bring the members of the newly created network together and give them the chance to meet face to face. In two days, M.A. and Ph.D. students presented their research projects in thematic panels. The about 40 participants came from many different countries: France, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Italy; one of the speakers even flew all the way from Uganda to participate in the meeting. On the second day, participants had the chance to take part in a workshop on applied anthropology and career paths with Rachael Gooberman-Hill, senior research fellow at the University of Bristol (UK) and committee member of the EASA Medical Anthropology Network, and Kathryn Tomlinson, researcher for the British Ministry of Defense.